CH 2. Museo Giron, Laguna de los Peces

Cuba 2015

Tuesday, March 10:

We had checked in at Villa Playa Larga last night, after a long day touring the area.

Morning just outside the lobby at Villa Playa Larga.

Entrance to the beach.

Villa Playa Larga is a series of concrete block cabins. Some are very close to the main building, which houses the restaurant, front desk and bar. Luck of the draw, mine was not. Luck of the draw, my A/C was busted. No phones in rooms, so after many long, hot walks back and forth, we finally got it working.

Buenos dias, Roberto y Rita.


By 9:30 or so we are at the Museo Giron, the military museum dedicated to the invasion at the Bay of Pigs.

Our co-traveler compadre, Sam, Cuba-phile extraordinaire since the 70s, poses proudly in front of the main entrance e to Museo Giron.

As a kid, I remember believing the eloquent statesman Adlai Stevenson when he came on air saying the U.S. had nothing to do with all the trouble in Cuba. It was the Cuban people fighting back against the evil Communist puppet Castro's takeover of their country. I, a 10-year-old, bought it hook, line and sinker because everyone around me did, too. I've of course since realized it was a lie, but the evidence in this museum really brought it home. 

The plaque at the bottom right says, "U.S. made M-30, 4.2-inch mortar. It belonged to the mercenary brigade." Behind, on the wall, are excellent maps delineating the various stages of the battle.

"Browning machine gun, model 50-calliber M-2. U.S. manufacture. The invading mercenaries brought a fabulous amount of this type of weapon, in proportion to the number of men."

Note the trajectory of the planes leaving Miami. The Americans even went so far as to paint the Cuban insignia on their planes, and then bomb Cuban air bases. Impressions made in youth do not die easily. Maybe never. I can feel a tugging inside from the young boy who still wants to believe Stevenson, to believe my country would not dupe us, to believe my family & I were not duped. Ahhh, innocence.

Next stop, Laguna de los Peces for a refreshing swim and a delicious lunch.

A mound of fresh shrimp, a slab of fish and some plantain chips. To die for.

Across the road from the Laguna was a more adventurous swim opp.

Beating the heat in the parking lot.


Now it's time to head back to our new digs, Villa Playa Larga, to relax for the evening.

The beach is gorgeous at Villa Playa Larga. Nothing fancy. Just comfy and perfect, like paradise.

This is me with our illustrious host/guide/organizer/producer, Michael Kerman. So far, the trip has been the perfect combination of challenge and relaxation; a mix of learning, fun and socializing.

Tomorrow we head east to Cienfuegos, with a few stops along the way. Here's a little map, FYI

Tomorrow's journey.

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