Heading Home

Bali 2010

On DAY TWENTY-SEVEN we fly from Denpasar, Bali to Taipei, Taiwan. It takes about 5 hours. Fortunately, we are treated to an absolutely once-in-a-lifetime Fantasia-like sunset from our Boeing-777 portal. When you look at this video, remember there is NO ground or ocean in any of these shots.  It's all sky.  A fitting ending to this trip to Eden.

Once we're back to Taipei for a 16-hour layover, we stay at the Fullon again.  Why not?  It's reasonably priced, reasonably near the airport, with a more than reasonable spa, and a very professional and friendly staff.  O.K., Fullon, there's your free ad.

We head out to our favourite street corner for people-watching and just to excperience the shoe on the other foot, as in, who's the camera-laden minority, NOW, mister smarty?

Here's a short clip of our intersection's traffic craziness ...

Back in the hotel room, there's a Yankee game on T.V.  You can hear reliever Mariano Rivera's name if you listen carefully:

The trip from Taipei to Toronto takes, ... I don't really know.  There's a twelve hour time difference, and we're going east, so you have to subtract 12 from the current ... or is it add 12? Uhh...  Whatever; it was one heck of a long night's journey into day.

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