Natale Music Inc. was founded in 1981. Since then, Lou has garnered a Genie Award for Best Song, nominations for six Gemini Awards, 1 Canadian Screen Award, the Ontario Arts Council 2014 Louis Applebaum Composers Award, and has scored many other award winning shows, including Atlantis Films' Oscar winner Boys and Girls (1984) and the classic A Child's Christmas in Wales.

Lou's other credits include the Canadian series Traders, Blue Murder, and PSI Factor, the U.S. series Mutant X, Playmakers and Tilt, as well as many movies of the week and features, including Eugene Levy's Sodbusters, the CBS thriller Adrift (Christian DuGuay, Director), The Bruce Curtis Story:Journey Into Darkness for NBC and ESPN's Hustle: The Pete Rose Story directed by Peter Bogdanovich. Lou composed the score for CTV's The Horses of McBride (directed by veteran Anne Wheeler) in 2012.

* * *

“Neither a lofty degree of intelligence nor imagination nor both together go into the making of genius.Love, love, love. That is the soul of genius.”
~W.A. Mozart

Ontario Arts Council

Nomination for the
Louis Applebaum Composers Award

Canadian Screen Awards

The Horses of McBride
Nomination for Best Original Music Score For a Programme


Mutant X
Nomination for Best Original Music Score in a Dramatic Series


Nomination for Best Original Music Score in a Dramatic Series


The Man In The Attic
Nomination for Best Original Music Score for a Program or Mini-Series


Nomination for Best Original Music Score for a Program or Mini-Series


Cowboys Don't Cry
Winner for Best Original Song
in a Feature Film


Ray Bradbury Theatre
"The Emissary"

Nomination for Best Composition
for a Program
(Dramatic Underscore)


Ray Bradbury Theatre
"The Town Where No One Got Off"

Nomination for Best Music Composition for a Program
(Dramatic Underscore)


Ray Bradbury Theatre
"The Crowd"

Nomination for Best Original Television Score

Various Awards

1979 to 1989
Various Commercials
72 National and International awards including nine Clios, three Andys, eight at the International Radio Festival of New York, and three at the London Intnernational Advertising Awards.

American Song Festival

Certificate of Merit

“Be open to whatever comes next.”
~John Cage

* * *

“Music is God’s reminder there is something else besides us.”
~from the movie August Rush

* * *

It seems to me that music, or any art, is the expression of the tension that is a result of being human. The tension between having our feet on the earth and our head in the sky. How to love life passionately and at the same time let it go where it is bound to go.

This pull is always present - the backdrop of our being, even in our happiest moments, like the hum of a fridge we don’t notice until it switches off. How we feel about this tension is ineffable, which only adds to the sense of a sweet sadness, wanting two to become one – earth and sky, you and i – a tension of longing.

And art is to that longing as a scream is to witnessing horror, as a tear is to witnessing a birth, and as a deeply smiling sigh is to seeing the sun rise, yet again. There’s really no other way to tell it. In that way art isn’t about experience, it is experience.

Art can also be the sound of the breathless belly laugh that happens when we think we’ve got it all figured out and down pat, ready to sign on the dotted line, and life comes along to tell us, “Look again, my friend.”